After almost a decade of representing the clients, as a partner of a leading international law firm, in the most complex commercial transactions on Serbian market, Relja Zdravković decided in 2013. to establish an independent practice under the name of Zdravković & Partneri ("ZiP").


ZiP is a full service commercial law firm dedicated to its clients and to excellence in providing legal services.


ZiP was established by grouping of a number of dedicated lawyers with extensive experience around the cornerstones of ZiP's Philosophy: close communication with the client is of essence for understanding

client's business needs / being a lawyer is not enough for business oriented legal service / aligning the legal advice with client's business approach is crucial.






Being a lawyer

is not enough

core practices

Being a lawyer

is not enough

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Bulevar kralja
Aleksandra 43

SRB - 11000 Belgrade


T: +381 11 78 53 822

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